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    i thought i found a cool boyband but it ended up being a bunch of hot men with homosexual tendencies.

    hi there! my name is kelli and i am of 17 years of age (bday on june 7th) and i have this problem where i can't stop talking. i live in beautiful anaheim, california (yes, disneyland, i am aware) and i will be applying for colleges for the next two months in hopes of finding one that will let me study abroad in korea!!! exo are the main men in my life, but chanyeol can't compare to any of them. don't talk to me about baekhyun, he triggers me (that's a joke). some of the things i like include taro flavored anything, exo merch in my school colors (go patriots!!), and not having to wear uniform. but most importantly, i really like chanyeol ok? like really really like him!!! he is very important to me!!! so all in all, i am a loser who loves that loser in exo and i hope you send me a message after reading this!!!

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    Hi guys, Kelli here!

    I’m here to introduce you all to MartOfChina the professional wholesale clothing mart! 

    This store has everything! From dresses down to bags, MartOfChina has an amazing selection of great tops, skirts, jewelry, etc. At the bottom of this post are the links to all of the products pictured above!

    Click on the pictures for a description!

    What I really love about this store is that there is so much variety and ease of accessibility and navigation throughout their store. All of their items are categorized nicely and suggest some of their top pages for you to visit on the side of the navigation menu and show you what’s HOT right now!

    I love, love, loveeee their dresses! Their dresses range from A-Line dresses to Maxi dresses (some of my favorite styles). They are super cute and come in a ton of sizes to only add to the store’s variety. They also come in multiple colors (the pink one above comes in pink, black, AND white)! And don’t forget the great price tag on all of them!

    MartOfChina also has super great jewelry! In fact, when I saw that they had a Snake Shaped Earring, I was so thrilled as I’ve been wanting an earring just like that for awhile, but could never find one that I really liked, or was in my online price range! I also love their necklaces because they are of high quality and are low-priced (like the one above), making buying one of these necklaces a total win-win!

    Another thing that I’ve fallen in love with are their skirts! I love all of the different patterns and materials and styles that they come in! The black skirt above is similar to ones that I’ve seen in stores such as Forever 21 or H&M that have been priced for $20 or more, which is a ridiculous price to pay!!! So you can’t believe how excited I was when I saw that this one was only $12!

    Their shorts also vary in pattern, color and style as well. For example, when I saw these shorts, I was surprised because I had never really seen any shorts of that style and, yet, their they were, waiting for me to add them to my shopping cart! I also love their blouses and different styles of shirts to choose from! I definitely need some blouses in my wardrobe and MartOfChina provides a great place to go to get some for a good price!

    Alright, alright, I know, I’m going on and on and on about this great store so let me go ahead and wrap it up with a final point. The range of this store is incredible and the price tag is even more amazing! Though only being a small online store, MartOfChina has managed so much variety and its great! Their clothes are super cute and can be quite mature and, dare I say, sexy (hohoho) at the same time! So you should all go and definitely check out MartOfChina ASAP! I’ll see you there!

    Products shown above: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

    welcome to this lame blog. chanyeol says hi. feel free to explore my blog by clicking on 'click here to scroll' and navigating yourself around this piece of trash useing the icons on the sides and top! chanyeol is my bae! please don't touch him or i will be very sad!!